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Monday, April 16, 2012

Surprising Cause of Heart Disease Most Are Not Aware Of

Over the years, media has been misinforming us that  dietary fats are the cause of heart ailment, the number one killer among major diseases in the US. Recent scientific researches, however, have proven quite clearly that such is not the case.  Artificial trans fats are admittedly a big cause of heart disease, but not the the healthy natural fats found in unprocessed foods.

But here's another cause of heart disease that most people aren't aware of...

First, remember that LDLs can be classified as either big puffy LDLs (type A, which don't contribute to plaque in the arteries) and small dense LDLs (type B) which do contribute to plaque in the arteries.

Now this is where it gets interesting... High insulin levels from a high carbohydrate intake over time cause your body to produce higher levels of nasty small/dense LDL particles in your blood (type B LDL particles), which are known to cause plaque in your arteries.

Yes, that's right... a chronically high carb intake can actually be one of the causes of heart disease.

What does the government recommend... a high carbohydrate diet.  Doesn't make much sense does it?  Is their recommendation biased to support big business?  I'll let you decide on that.

Now another thing to keep in mind are your triglyceride levels.  Higher triglyceride levels in your blood are another risk factor for heart disease.  According to well-known nutrition author Robb Wolf , "Triglycerides are a measure of circulating blood fats, so you would think a high-fat diet would mean high triglycerides, right? Interestingly, this is not the case.  Triglycerides are in fact an indicator of high dietary carbohydrate and insulin sensitivity. High carbs and poor insulin sensitivity = high triglycerides."

Once again, everything you've been told over the years about eating a high-carb diet being healthy, is not quite accurate.  Eating moderately higher protein and healthy fats along with loads of fibrous vegetables, nuts, and small amounts of fruits (while minimizing grains and sugars) can all be exactly what we need to prevent heart disease and also diabetes.

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