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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Alzheimer's Risk Factors Most People Don't Know

Do you know if you are already experiencing signs of Alzheimer's Disease?

Statistics reveal that 20% of people over 65, and half of people over 85, are already afflicted with Alzheimer's without knowing it? What are the chances of a person getting it?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hyperthermia Therapy - German Cancer Breakthrough

Hyperthermia therapy, a cancer breakthrough perfected in Germany, has been attracting a lot of people to the country, including Hollywood celebrities and public figures, seeking effective and safe alternative treament for cancer.

Hyperthermia therapy is based on the principle that cancer cells, unlike normal cells, can't endure heat. Its healing mechanism works like a fever. Our body's immune system goes into fever mode to fight infection because high temperature kills invading microbes while leaving our healthy cells undamaged.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

How To Stop Cravings For Sugar

When a person craves for sweets, it means a signal is being sent to the brain for the need for more sugar.

These cravings for sugar is often the result of a deficiency in chromium. Insufficiency of this mineral makes a person gain fat, and can ultimately lead to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disorder, and alzheimer's disease.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Needle Therapy Saves Stroke Victim

Chinese Professor Irene Liu learned about needle therapy for stroke victims from Ha Bang Ting, a traditional Chinese doctor from Sun Juke.

She had the opportunity to put into practice what she learned about needle therapy in 1979, while employed at Fung Gaap College in Tai Chung. [read: Needle Therapy For Stroke Guidelines]

One afternoon, while teaching in class, a fellow teacher came running to her classroom to report that their supervisor, Mr. Chen Fu Tien, was having a stroke attack.

Propolis Boosts Antibiotics Potency

Propolis, or "bee glue" found in the walls of beehives, is the sticky resin collected by worker bees from the oozing buds or barks of some trees and applied immediately to patch up cracks inside the hive to keep out the wind and rain, to reduce too large an entranceway, and to strengthen the combs at their juncture with the walls of the hive.

Recently, Australian researchers discovered that using propolis along with antibiotics boosts up the potency of the latter in combating infections.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Exercise Tips For Better Workout And Recovery

Most workout enthusiasts believe that they should do some amount of stretching before their exercise to prevent injury. Others think it should be done after exercise.

But do you know that studies have shown that for most people, stretching does not prevent injury, either before, or after the exercise. The only exception being people who have been stretching before exercise for years.

One needs to rehydrate during and after an exercise. The more you sweat, the more fluid you have to replace.