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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rebirth Of Standing Desks

A standing desk, as the term implies, was envisioned to be used for reading or writing in an upright position. It was a popular fixture in the homes and offices of the affluent during the 18th and 19th century.

The standing desks, however, never really dominated the market as the traditonal desks, designed for use with comfortable chairs, were preferred by the great majority of corporate and individual consumers.

But lately, the standing or stand up desk, is getting a second hard look due to recent research findings on the ill effects on health of long hours of sitting. [read: Don't Waste Exercise Gains With Long Hours Of Sitting]

It seems that the standing desk is the practical solution to the health issues raised by prolonged hours of sitting. Growing numbers of schools and offices which are concerned about the health of its students, and employees, respectively, are investing on standing desks.

And why not? A healthy student population means higher productive learning and lesser absences due to health reasons. And a healthy workforce equates to increased production and lower medical expenses. Everybody happy and healthy.

There's even a model that you can use with a treadmill, meaning you can walk in place while you're doing your work. This model, known by its trademark TrekDesk, stands above competition due to its innovativeness and practicality, its ergonomic design, and reasonable price.

Below is a sketch of the model.

Know more about the features of a TrekDesk  standing desk by visiting its website.

The standing desk can be a sensible and potent weapon for countering the injurious effects of sitting for extended periods of time.

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